Association of Folkloric of
Departamento del Atlántico

The Asociación de Grupos Folclóricos del Departamento del Atlántico (Association of Folkloric Groups of Departamento del Atlántico) was brought into being through legal capacity No. 717 of September 23, 1982, issued by the Atlántico Government’s Office; it was created by a group of carnival actors with the aim of dignifying the work of the folklorists within the frame of the carnival of Barranquilla, with Tax ID: 800.088.011-1.

The organization started with 23 folkloric groups, and we currently have 216 traditional folkloric groups after 35 uninterrupted years of cultural activity, that have helped consolidate proposals like EL CARNAVAL DE LA 44 in the city of Barranquilla and the Atlántico Department.


Carnaval de la 44

The Carnaval de la 44 is a cultural alternative of the Barranquilla community, founded from four great, free and massive events: Crowning of the Queen of Carnaval de la 44; Remembrance Flower Parade (Batalla de Flores del Recuerdo) “Sonia Osorio”; Great Parade “Carlos Franco” and the Conquest of the Carnival.

The fundaments of the Asociación de Grupos Folklóricos del Departamento del Atlántico are as follows:


Position the Asociación de Grupos Folklóricos del Departamento del Atlántico as an organization of high artistic, cultural and economic level, which represents the most genuine and authentic cultural manifestations of the region, with the capacity to generate economic resources that raise the quality of life of all its associates.


To be leaders in the generation, organization and administration of the social cultural services related to the Carnaval de Barranquilla.


The process of social cultural development of the Association of Folkloric Groups of Departamento del Atlántico is oriented to the protection of the rights and interests of its associates, as well as the preservation, advance and safeguard of the diverse popular manifestations of the Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Based on this orientation and taking into account the stated aim, the Organization will follow the policies below:

1. Encouragement, promotion, development and conservation of the cultural and artistic heritage represented by the Carnaval de Barranquilla.

2. Promotion of social cultural interest activities that stimulate the active participation of the community.

3. Conservation of the memoirs of Carnaval de Barranquilla.

4. Boost and promotion of small businesses.

5. Set links with all of the city and country sectors.

6. Promote the formation, training and research through courses, seminars and workshops, etc.

7. Management of the association with a business approach, by developing administrative planning and organization techniques.

8. Participation of the cultural processes generated in the city, country and abroad.

9. Constant learning and improvement of the artistic quality of every Carnival actor.

10. Exchange and communication.


1. Dignify, stimulate and help the individual and collective creation of all folkloric groups belonging to our cultural organization.

2. Promote the enjoyment and creation of cultural assets within the community, through events like meetings, interchanges, festivals, contests and shows.

3. Increase and solve the financial aspects of groups in an individual and organizational level.

4. Form and administrative entity to complement the current one, to promote savings, credits, product commercialization, hiring, development of lucrative activities to strengthen its economy, and celebrate agreements with national and international entities.

5. Actively link all parties of the different folkloric groups and create a big work force.

6. Share responsibility.

The Asociación de Grupos Folklóricos del Departamento del Atlántico within the last 10 years has organized folkloric events with the Ministry of Culture, Atlantico Department Government’s Office, Barranquilla District Mayor’s Office and private companies.